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Feb 20, 2024

In this discussion, Laurel Portié hares insights on creating successful organic and paid online content and why having an ecosystem is so important. Laurel described the importance of positioning and understanding your audience in generating conversions, stressing the significance of being an expert in your space. She discussed against focusing solely on one-sided strategies, emphasizing that an ecosystem approach that integrates organic content with paid advertising can be more effective. 

Laurel discussed against the common belief that success depends solely on a strong offer, instead, highlighting the role of proper positioning. The episode also touched on the importance of patience, passion, simplicity, data gathering, and testing in building a successful business. Concluding the talk, Laurel suggested that quantity over quality is crucial in the early stages of figuring out what works and resonates with the audience.


Also in this episode: 

The Power of Positioning in Marketing

The Importance of Expertise in Advertising

The Ecosystem Approach to Business

The Power of Content in Marketing



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